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Once upon a time, in 2013, three friends – two Keiths and one Paul – got talking about self-publishing. We all reckoned it was the most exciting development in publishing since a switched-on chap called Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 15th century.

Self-publishing makes it possible for anyone to become a published author – what could be cooler than that? But there was a catch. Sure, anyone can now become a published author – if they can afford it.

We’d looked into how much some outfits wanted authors to pay to self-publish with them and been shocked. With our combined expertise and experience in publishing, graphic design and IT, we knew we could offer authors a better, fairer deal.

And so it was that during that fateful conversation the idea for BookLaunch was born, and the three friends set off on their quest to make authors happy ever after.


Keith, Keith and Paul
Auckland, New Zealand

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