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We help you to publish your book

BookLaunch breaks down all the traditional barriers to becoming a published author. You may have tried without success to get your book published with a traditional publisher, or you may want complete artistic control over your book – in both cases assisted self-publishing is an excellent solution. BookLaunch makes what can seem like an overwhelming process as simple and smooth as possible.

When you self-publish with BookLaunch you only pay for the services you want. With traditional publishing, a publisher will buy the rights to your book but with self-publishing you retain all the rights and remain in control throughout the whole process. Keeping the rights means you are able to market your book to other publishers and outlets when and where you like.

BookLaunch makes it easy for you to take advantage of Amazon’s e-book and print on demand (POD) technology. POD means you’ll never be left with hundreds of copies you cannot distribute – Amazon prints copies of your book only when they are ordered.

With BookLaunch, you are guaranteed an affordable, professional and efficient way to publish your book, either as a paperback or e-book or both. You’ll have access to our launch team of professionals throughout the entire process. We will walk with you through all the steps of the publishing process, ensuring that all your questions are answered.

With our assistance, you can be sure that your book will get off the ground.

Tailor your individual self-publishing package

BookLaunch offers four key services to make self-publishing your book as simple as possible:


While taking advantage of our editorial service is optional, the services of a good editor are universally recognised as vital for the success of any self-published book. BookLaunch gives you access to the best editors in the business.

Book format

We can format your book as a paperback and/or e-book ready to be sold on Amazon. Choose from a range of options to enhance your book’s appearance.

Cover design

Our graphic designer can create a unique, customised cover for your book or you can opt for one of our classic template covers.

Web site

We can create a web site dedicated to showcasing your book on the World Wide Web. From single-page to fully customised, we have all the bases covered.


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