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1. Are you a book publisher?

No. Our job is to assist you in self-publishing your book on Amazon.

2. Will someone help me through the publishing process?

That’s our job. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help and give advice.

3. Who owns the rights to my book?

You do. We don’t have any rights over your work. You can use a conventional book publisher in addition to our services if you wish.

4. How much does it cost?

Our Pricing page has a list of options. If you don’t see a service you need, ask us for advice.

5. How do I send you my book?

We like to work on a copy of your book in one of the common word processing formats – Microsoft Word is ideal.

6. Can you edit my book?

We provide a complete range of professional editing services, from a final proof through to full structural editing.  See our Pricing page for details.

7. Can you create a cover for my book?

You can choose our classic template cover or our graphic designer can create a unique, customised design. See our Pricing page for details.

8. How do you format my book?

We add page numbers, headings, copyright, and foreword (if required) to your edited manuscript and then format it as an Amazon paperback and/or Kindle e-book.

9. Where will I sell my book?

On Amazon web sites worldwide. We guide you through setting up your account; all you need to do is provide us with some basic details (name, address, contact phone number, etc.).

10. OK, you edit, design and format my book and put it on Amazon. What do I have to do?

In addition to providing us with the basic details mentioned above, you will also need to apply for an ISBN number for your book. If you want to earn money on Amazon, you’ll need to apply for a US tax dept. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Don’t worry, we provide advice on how to do both these things easily.

11. How can I earn royalties?

Amazon will pay you directly for each book you sell. We don’t take any royalty payment.

12. How many copies do I have to buy?

As many or as few as you wish, direct from Amazon at a discount rate. BookLaunch does not insist you buy a minimum number of copies.

13. Can you make me a web site to advertise my book?

We can design and host a web site for you. It can be a simple one page template site, a fully customised web site you can edit yourself, or something in between – we’ll discuss a range of options with you. See our Pricing page for details. Note also that we’ll give you a free listing on our Library page.

14. You’re in New Zealand. Do you work with authors from other countries?

Yes, we do.

15. How do I get started?

Complete the form on our Contact page or send an email to We’ll be in touch promptly.

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