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Tailor your individual self-publishing package

BookLaunch offers four key services to make self-publishing your book as simple as possible:


Enlisting the services of a good editor is universally recognised as crucial for the success of any self-published book. BookLaunch gives you access to the best editors in the business. We offer 3 levels of editorial assistance:

1. Proofreading (light): 1 cent per word

This service is for writing that you and your nearest and dearest have already pored over, but which you feel needs the attention of a professional proofreader. We cure your writing of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, tracking the changes we make and inserting comments and suggestions for you to consider.

2. Copyediting (medium): 2 cents per word

This level is for writing that needs more revisions than standard proofreading. We pay close attention to your book’s audience and word usage and choice, and check for consistency in formatting and style. We track the changes we make as well as insert comments and suggestions for you to consider.

3. Structural editing (heavy): 3 cents per word

This level of editing ensures your book is clearly written and well organised. In addition to everything involved in levels 1 and 2, we undertake heavy-duty editing, and make more suggestions for rewriting. However, a cardinal rule of this level of editing is that rewriting must come from the original source. Should you feel your book would benefit from the creative involvement of our editors, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Book format

We can format your book as a paperback and/or e-book ready to be sold on Amazon. Choose from a range of options to enhance your book’s appearance.

Paperback (standard sizes, typically 6×9 inches, text only) – $129

E-book (text only) – $99

This pricing requires that your book is written using Microsoft Word or similar. Additional options priced on request (book size, hardback covers, pictures and graphics, etc.).

Cover design

Our graphic designer can create a unique, customised cover for your book or you can opt for one of our classic template covers.

Classic cover  – FREE (choose from three classic cover designs)

Custom cover – from $99

Web site

We can create a web site dedicated to showcasing your book on the World Wide Web. From single-page to fully customised, we have all the bases covered.

Domain name – POA

Template single-page web site (features book title, author and biography, foreword, excerpt and links to purchase) – $69 per annum

Template multi-page web site (featuring everything from the single-page web site, plus a downloadable book excerpt, blog section and pages you can create yourself) – $350 plus $69 per annum

Fully customised web sites – priced on request


All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

For more information about how our pricing works, please contact us.

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